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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Prudential Farmers' Market, August 26 2010, 12:15PM

Prudential Farmers' Market
Thursdays, 11AM-6PM • (map) • (website)

A few new things we saw today: some grass-fed beef sausages from Foxboro Cheese, and some champagne currants from Springbrook Farm.

Oh, and the sun is out!

apples: Macarthur Farms
blueberries: Macarthur Farms
currants, champagne: Springbrook Farm
melon: Springbrook Farm
nectarines: Springbrook Farm
peaches: Macarthur Farms, Springbrook Farm
raspberries: Springbrook Farm, Macarthur Farms

arugula: Macarthur Farms
beans, flat: Springbrook Farm
beans, green: Macarthur Farms
beans, yellow: Macarthur Farms
beets: Macarthur Farms
broccoli: Macarthur Farms
carrots: Macarthur Farms
cauliflower: Macarthur Farms
chard, Swiss: Springbrook Farm
corn: Macarthur Farms
cucumbers: Macarthur Farms, Springbrook Farm
cucumbers, pickling: Macarthur Farms
eggplant: Macarthur Farms
garlic: Springbrook Farm
kale: Springbrook Farm
lettuce: Macarthur Farms
onions, red: Springbrook Farm
onions, white: Springbrook Farm
onions, yellow: Springbrook Farm
peppers, Italian: Macarthur Farms
peppers, colored: Macarthur Farms
peppers, green: Macarthur Farms
potatoes: Springbrook Farm
potatoes, fingerling: Springbrook Farm
potatoes, red: Springbrook Farm
potatoes, yellow: Springbrook Farm
radishes: Macarthur Farms
squash, kousa: Macarthur Farms
squash, patty pan: Springbrook Farm
squash, summer: Springbrook Farm, Macarthur Farms
tomatoes, cherry: Springbrook Farm
tomatoes, field: Springbrook Farm, Macarthur Farms
tomatoes, heirloom: Springbrook Farm
zucchini: Macarthur Farms, Springbrook Farm

beef, grass-fed: Foxboro Cheese
sausage: Foxboro Cheese
veal: Foxboro Cheese

clothing & accessories: Hampden Hills Alpacas
fish, smoked: Nantucket Wild Gourmet & Smokehouse
granola: Iggy's
honey: Gilson's Herb Lyceum, Springbrook Farm
nuts & seeds: Springbrook Farm
olive oil: Gilson's Herb Lyceum
soap: Gilson's Herb Lyceum
tea: Gilson's Herb Lyceum
tea, herbal: Gilson's Herb Lyceum
yarn: Hampden Hills Alpacas

herbs: Macarthur Farms, Springbrook Farm, Gilson's Herb Lyceum

nursery and flowers
potted plants: Gilson's Herb Lyceum

prepared foods
ready-to-eat lunch items: Gilson's Herb Lyceum

baked goods
baked goods: Cook's Farm & Bakery, Springbrook Farm, Swissbakers
bread: Iggy's, When Pigs Fly, Springbrook Farm, Swissbakers
cookies and pastries: Cook's Farm & Bakery, Springbrook Farm, Swissbakers

eggs and dairy
cheese: Foxboro Cheese


  1. MacArther Farms doesn't grow most of their own stuff, they buy it wholesale. You should check with them. Some of there stuff is from California, as well.